Kaiser Sheepskin

Environmentally Friendly Sheepskin Rugs for baby

Kaiser Sheepskin - because quality matters

Kaiser is a small German company offering sheepskin that are independently tested  and certified free of harmful chemicals. Your baby can slumber well on a Kaiser sheepskin.  We offer the very unique eco friendly mimosa tree extract tanned sheepskin and the regular sheepskin for baby.

 Sheepskin for Baby  The selected sheepskin rugs distributed by Kaiser are medically tanned lamb and sheepskin rugs of superior quality. They are treated by a special tanning method which is especially safe. This tanning method is constantly monitored by professional environmental institutes. The skins are sheared to 30 mm (1.18 in) and have a nice golden-yellow color.

The skins are not dyed and their final color arises from the tanning process. They are free of harmful substances. The medical sheepskin rugs are easy to care for and have a self cleansing power when exposed to fresh air. Furthermore they are washable up to 30° C (86° F) with our special sheepskin detergent.

 Environmentally Friendly Lambskin  (Mimosa Tree Extract Tanned) We use MIMOSA tanning compound, which is extracted from the bark of the mimosa-tree, for the vegetable tanning. The sheepskins are not aggressively chemically pretreated or dyed so chemical use is minimized. The original pigment coating is preserved i.e., natural spots are not covered. The result is a natural shade of beige. The Mimosa can be hand washed but does not handle machine washing as well as the regular sheepskin for baby